2nd maart 2015

Switch off the lights and sleep with Pukka

As the climax to our Sleep campaign, Pukka is supporting WWF’s Earth Hour 2015 initiative. Last year the global lights out for our planet campaign involved a record 162 countries across the world with over 9 million people in the UK taking part.

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2nd februari 2015

Sleep with Pukka

This month we look at sleep and ways in which incredible organic herbs can help get a good night’s rest.

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13th januari 2015

Introducing Fennel

Fennel’s combination of delicious uplifting flavours has made it one of Pukka’s favourite herbs. We love it so much, it can be found in 18 of our delicious herbal teas and organic supplements.

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19th december 2014

A really Pukka Christmas

Giving is important to us at Pukka (see our article on giving) and this year, rather than sending Christmas cards, we’re supporting three local charities that give to People, Plants and Planet.

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